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Hasištejn Castle




The Gothic castle ruins are situated on a rock above Prunéøovský brook. The foundation of the castle is not exactly dated and its founder is unknown. For example King Wenceslas II is mentioned. It was probably founded early in the 14th century as a fortress ensuring the security of an important trade route that led not far from here. The first written mention of Hasištejn dates from 1348 when it belonged to the royal crown and thanks to its far-reaching importance it was included in Majestas Carolina, the Code of Charles IV which should ensure its inalienability. Since that year it was managed by masters of Šumburk, but they were obliged to give it to the governor any time in case of necessity. But Bernard from Šumburk, the suzerain on Hasištejn plundered around the castle and the castle in 1418 after two months of siege was conquered. Then King Wenceslas IV donated the estate to Nicholas Lobkowicz, allegedly perhaps for his help to the king in times of the Hussite wars or for expurgation of robber invaders from the region. The castle was damaged during the siege so by family of Lobkowic there was conducted the late Gothic reconstruction of the castle which improved the fortification and the palace was added to the core of the castle. Bohuslav Hasištejnský of Lobkowicz, the grandson of Nicholas, an explorer, diplomat, astronomer, naturalist, poet, writer and doctor of canon law contributed mostly to the prosperity of the castle. In the late 15th century he built a cultural centre of European significance, he centralized here an extensive library and improved striking power of the castle. After the year 1514 Hasištejn was not owned by the family Lobkowicz and after a fire in 1560 the castle fell into disrepair.

Report from 1678 states that in Hasištejn there were used only its cold cellars where beer from the brewery's production in Prunéøov was stored. The rescue of the castle began in the years 1891-1892 when Emanuel Karsch, nephew of the owner of a local estate had the castle secured including a new roofing and landscaping of the surroundings.

In the year 2006 the municipality Místo became the owner of Hasištejn.

Accessibility and connection:

the distance from the bus stop is 500 meters

Opening hours:

from 01/04 to 31/10/ 2010 from 10.00 to 18.00

Entrance fee: adults CZK 30,-

children CZK 15 ,-



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