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Not far from Podbořany, a small town 30 km from Chomutov is located the castle Krásný Dvůr (Beautiful Yard). To its present appearance it was rebuilt in the early 18th century from the original Renaissance mansion.
Through the large latticed wing door we will enter into a relatively large court of honour which is surrounded by three wings of the building of the castle with fluently connected farm buildings. The castle interiors with 18 accessible rooms are furnished with antique furniture and decorated with collections of paintings and porcelain. Near the castle there is situated a large landscape park in the English style, the first of its kind in this country. On the area of almost 100 ha we can find over 100 species of indigenous or naturalized woody plants. The torso of so called Goethe Oak whose age is estimated at 1,000 years ranks this tree among the oldest trees in the country. An ingenious water system which uses the Lestkovský creek supplies five ponds and an artificial waterfall. On the open grass plots there were built several romantic buildings in accordance with the fashion of that time. Certainly the neo-Gothic view-tower with a chapel belongs to the most impressive buildings. This peaceful environment is worth a visit in any season.



O Chomutově

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Chomutov je ideálním místem pro trávení dovolené. Turistům nabízí adrenalin i odpočinek na Kamencovém jezeře, rodinám poznání v Podkrušnohorském zooparku, cyklistům a milovníkům in-line stezku Bezručovo údolím. Okolí Chomutova je plné památek a přírodních krás.

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