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The Bezruč valley, which in the year 2002 was declared a natural park was formed by the activities of the river Chomutovka and today it is one of the longest, deepest and most picturesque valleys in the Ore Mountains. Therefore it is also a popular tourist destination. A cycling trail leads through the park and it is widely used not only by cyclists, but also by in-line skaters. The pedestrians certainly will not miss the natural trail. The guest house Mill I. can be used by visitors for refreshment and accommodation.
The natural sight of the Bezruč valley is spread on the area of 6500 hectares at the altitude of 380-850 m north of Chomutov. Many hiking and biking trails lead through the thirteen kilometres long valley, including the nature trail which is equipped with several information panels informing the visitors about the local flora and fauna. The area where used to be mined metals and silver originally consisted of five cadastral areas and three mills. The cadastral areas included Chomutov, Horní Ves, Suchdol, Blatno and Bečov. One of the mills was used for grinding grain for residents of Blatno and Bečov and the second mill for residents in Suchdol, Dominy and Krásná Lípa.

At the place of the last mill III at the confluence of Kamenička,Úzká Křímovský creek already in the year 1616 was established a saw mill at expense of the town of Chomutov, but because Stráž suffered from lack of water its performance was very limited and after the Thirty Years War the mill was used by the residents of Stráž and Menhartice. In the 19th century the Bezruč valley (then nicknamed Grundtal - "Valley Lowland ') thanks to the members of the Ore Mountains association (Erzgebirgsverein) which was established in 1880 became a busy tourist trail. Alois Schmidt, the chairman of the Ore Mountains association tragically died on the Mount Triglav. To the memory of Professor Schmidt who taught at the Teachers institute was one year after his death (1896) dedicated a monument including the landscaping around the first mill designed by the local sculptor Günzel.

The year 1898 was very important for the Bezruč valley because there was started the construction of the dam Kamenička (still functional), simultaneously the road was constructed and the above mentioned mills continued to serve, but only as refreshment for tourists (the Mill II was converted in 1905 into the already not existing tourist hotel). After 1945 there started a decline caused by the departure of most of the German population and then the buildings were used by the construction workers of Křímovská dam. The name Bezruč valley was gained at the request of the Postal office in Chomutov in 1946 without any context and then on September 15 there was held a ceremony for assigning the new name along with the unveiling of the monument of Petr Bezruč which is the Schmidt's statue with a memorial plaque.



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Chomutov je ideálním místem pro trávení dovolené. Turistům nabízí adrenalin i odpočinek na Kamencovém jezeře, rodinám poznání v Podkrušnohorském zooparku, cyklistům a milovníkům in-line stezku Bezručovo údolím. Okolí Chomutova je plné památek a přírodních krás.

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