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The worldwide uniqueness of the Alum Lake makes it a very popular recreation area that is frequently visited by tourists not only from the Czech Republic, but mainly from Germany and Holland. The recreational area offers visitors not only a superbly equipped camp, but also cottages and other accommodation facilities. The holiday at the lake full of medicinal water will attract not only the families with children who will find here a plethora of entertainment, but also persons who seek an active vacation. Facilities and accessibility of services is also suitable for older holidaymakers who find many opportunities for walking and relaxing in the surroundings.

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The Alum Lake offers the vacationers two sand beaches. Both of them can boast about the new white sand. The attractiveness of the resort is increased by the sandy paths from the main gate up to the beach at the pier. On the main beach there are climbing structures and swings for children and the nearby rental offers the boats and pedal boats. Just behind the beach there are well kept and artificially irrigated lawns which serve those who prefer sunbathing on a beautiful green grass. The beach on the other bank of the lake is particularly attractive thanks to the children playground which imitates a sunken pirate ship. On both beaches on the water surface there are many attractions for romping children.

The third beach is a nudist beach and it is completely separated from other beaches. The naturists are provided with a plenty of privacy.

In addition to the beaches the visitors can use the grassy areas along the lake which also offer plenty of shade thanks to the crowns of the grown trees.


The Alum Lake allures the vacationers by many attractions which are intended primarily for children. On the water surface there are swings, catapults, trampolines, slides and a five meter high climbing walls. For daredevils there is prepared aquazorbing or walking on water surface in a transparent ball inflated with air. The adventurous natures can try out the Water-Bird which is intended for a funny jumping on the water. On the beach the children can romp on the giant trampoline or ride with parents on the golf carts.

Water Sports

Besides swimming the Alum Lake can be used for sailing in boats or pedalling on the pedal boats. The able-bodied individuals can rent a canoe.

Right next to the lake there is reservoir Banda where the vacationers can ride on water skis on the longest water tow in the Czech Republic.


The landsmen can play volleyball, netball, mini-golf with 26 golf tracks or use a golf simulator that transfers the players in the most famous golf courses. There is also bowling with the bowling alley that meets the most demanding parameters and has already hosted two championships of the Czech Republic.


The Alum Lake as a summer resort attracts visitors by good meals and especially great selection of dishes such as steaks, the Italian delicacies, prepared foods, quickies, salads, desserts and ice cream. Right in the summer resort the grill bar offers the grilled delicacies and fresh fruit juices. The restaurants Dřevák offers the vacationers the traditional Czech cuisine. Pizzeria "The 19th Hole" will surprise you with a large selection of pizzas in the open air. Golf Club restaurant offers the gourmets an exquisite cuisine.

Several stalls offer the refreshment right on the beach.


People don't want to be bored during their holiday. Therefore the entertainment centre Banda was opened for the vacationers in the vicinity of the Alum Lake. This centre offers concerts of famous Czech and Slovak bands throughout the season. For young people there are held discos and crazy fun parties. The entertainment centre surprised its visitors by the 3D auto-cinema which is the only one in the Czech Republic.

The quality of projection technology is so high that it surpasses many of multi-cinemas in Prague.


Water in the Alum Lake is unique not only in the Czech Republic, but after drying up of a similar lake in Canada it has become the worldwide unique. Water in the lake is enriched by the aluminium sulphate, nitrites, nitrates, chlorides, ammonia and iron. Thanks to a high content (about 1%) of alum in water this is almost a "Dead Sea" because it prevents the growth of algae and cyanobacteria. Therefore in the summer season it is a sought-after place for swimming which is visited also by people from afar. The water is very clean.

Properties of water rich in alum were utilized already in the old days for the treatment of skin diseases and the effects of this water on the human body were likened to the mineral baths in the peat in Franzensbad. In the vicinity of the lake there used to be the Alum baths with supply of the ferrohydrate water from a separate water spring.

The alum water can only spring up at the places where the appropriate geological, geochemical, chemical and temperature conditions allow the whole process of formation of the alum deposit in harmony with all necessary processes.

The insulation of the arisen reservoir and its tightness against the surrounding water are another conditions for the existence of the Alum Lake.

The exact acreage of the original area is not recorded anywhere. In particular it is certain that the acreage of the lake at that time did not achieve the acreage like today. This water reservoir arose after the flooding the extracted space during the period between 1813 and 1818.

The water area of the lake is now 16.3 hectares and the depth is 3.3 m.


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