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The most sought after attractions in Chomutov region include the Podkrušnohorský zoopark (the largest zoo garden in the CR), a natural park with a nature trail and a cycle route in Bezruč valley and the world uniqueness Alum Lake with its curative water..

Tips for trips

Tips for trips
Also the surroundings offer the hikers a number of well-marked trails to interesting localities. These trails that are less or more challenging delight any fans of this activity. In particular experiences of trips in the Ore Mountains will leave an indelible impression of this destination.

Cycle routes

Cycle routes
Cycling has become a symbol of an active holiday. The Chomutov region does not lag behind here either. The cycle tracks of different levels of difficultness are available to the bike fans. The cyclists can set out on some of challenging mountain trails in the Ore Mountains, or select some of milder rides in České středohoří.


[moduly-katalog img="images/stories/moduly/turistika/okoli-215.jpg" href="" title="Surroundings" TextOdkaz="Show details" height="160px"]most attractive trips is exploring landmarks. In the Chomutov region you also can visit the museum of military fortification and a mineshaft where about a century ago the copper mining was terminated. [/moduly-katalog]

Information center Chomutov





U Městských mlýnů 5885
430 01 Chomutov
+420 474 637 460
+420 474 637 462

Providing information on sights, attractions and cultural and sports activities around the city. Possibility of mediation of accommodation.

In tourist season Chomutov information center offers tour of historic downtown with guide for a larger group and even in English and German. The tour must be booked in advance by phone +420 474 637 460 or by email For individual tourists is prepared audioguide.

We provide information on: 
  • addresses and phone numbers of companies, institutions and offices in Chomutov region
  • on hotels and catering facilities
  • timetables of urban mass transportation, railway and bus traffic
  • on activities and services provided by Chomutov town council
  • on social, cultural and sporting events in the statutory town of Chomutov and we provide promotional material of the city, Podkrušnohorský park, Alum Lake and accommodation facilities 

We ensure: 
  • Advance booking of tickets for cultural and sporting events
  • Guide service 
  • of maps, not only of  Chomutov and Chomutov region
  • Biking maps of Chomutov region  
  • Books, CDs, DVDs Inf. catalogue Guide to the royal city of Chomutov 
  • Postcards, maxi postcard, pairs 
  • Souvenirs 

Opening hours: 

Mon–Fri 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


O Chomutově

Logo města Chomutova
Chomutov je ideálním místem pro trávení dovolené. Turistům nabízí adrenalin i odpočinek na Kamencovém jezeře, rodinám poznání v Podkrušnohorském zooparku, cyklistům a milovníkům in-line stezku Bezručovo údolím. Okolí Chomutova je plné památek a přírodních krás.

City information centre

znak ticU Městských mlýnů 5885
430 01  Chomutov

Call for free:

800 100 473


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Supported from the European Regional Development Fund
Regional Operational programme of North-West Cohesion Region
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